EcoClickLine 0832

Additional information

Multi-pole compact conductor rail for use in automatic high rack storage.

The EcoClickLine compact conductor rail system is a 7-pole quick assembly system with an optimised load-bearing system for large support spacings and integrated protection for the conductor rail. The modular system has been designed to supply energy to and transfer data in high rack warehouses and can be extended to include a positioning system.

Special features

  • Conductor rail system for automatic storage systems [AS/RS]
  • System can be freely configured in terms of length and placement
  • One Product equally applicable in regular and deep-freeze warehouses
  • Quick assembly system incl. supporting structure
  • Delivered in modular components for simple logistics and easier assembly
  • Barcode positioning system [optional]

Main applications

  • Automatic high rack warehouse

Product data

Standard application data

  • Nominal Current [A]: 35 | 63 | 100 | 140 | 200
  • Nominal Voltage [V]: 690
  • Number of Poles: 7-pole, can be freely equipped with conductors
  • Conductors cross-section [mm2]: 10; 16; 25; 35 and 50 [profiled conductor-insertion system]
  • Rail Length [mm]: 4.000 [13.12 ft]
  • Support Spacing [m]: 3,2 [10.5 ft]
  • Operating Conditions: Indoor
  • Track Configuration: straight tracks

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