Wampfler Cable FP-1

Wampfler Cable FP-1

Particularly suitable, if…
– a control cables needs to be connected hanging freelyover a distance of maximum 50 m
– used for standard, indoor applications
– a cost-effective solution for transfer of control signals from a pendant control station is required
– the cable is potentially subject to high tensile stress
– the operating temperatures do not exceed 60 C
Resilient PVC round cable with two integrated steel ropes
main application: pendant control station for crane systems
Typical applications:
– pendant control station for trolleys of indoor cranes
– passenger and goods hoists
– applications with up to 50 m of vertical freely hanging cable
Electrical parameters :

rated voltage
Uo/U = 300/500 V

for fixed cabling permitted up to 1.000 V

Mechanical load-bearing capacity:
Tensile stress 2.500 N
minimum bending radius 5 x d
Thermal / Chemical specifications
ambient temperature
– flexing -25 C … +60 C
– fixed -40 C … +60 C
resistance to atmospheric corrosion to ozone, UV and water
Important features:
– self-extinguishing and flame retardant
– resistant to humidity
– resistant to oils and grease
– LBS-free / silicone-free
Design features:
conductor : flexible, category 5
sheath : ductile PVC compound
core insulation : PVC in coaxial extrusion
Brand : :Boitalyon
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