Wampfler Cable RXP-8

Wampfler Cable RXP-8

Particularly suitable, if…
– application applies high combined tensile and bending forces
– high torsional loads need to be absorbed
– very high acceleration forces need to be absorbed by reinforcements
– cable is operating trough diversion rollers
– reel sizes need to be kept to the smallest possible size due to space limitations
– the priorities are reliability and durability
– the operating temperatures can reach up to 80 ?C
Very resilient round cable suitable for use on reels
main application: spring or motorized cable reels
secondary application: energy guiding chains
Typical applications:
– vertically operating hoisting gear
– spreader vertical transfer
– sewage plants
– magnet grabs
– Stacker & Reclaimer
– ship unloaders
– transfer cars
– lifting equipment
Electrical parameters :
rated voltage
Uo/U = 600/1.000 V
Mechanical load-bearing capacity:

travel speed up to 180 m/min
minimum bending radius 6 x ? for reeling
7,5 x ? diversion rollers assemblies
20 x ? for s-shaped track curves
Thermal / Chemical apecifications

ambient temperature
– flexing -40 ?C … +80 ?C
– fixed -50 ?C … +80 ?C

unlimited resistance to atmospheric corrosion

Important features:
– halogen free
– flame retardant
– CFC-free
– oil resistant
– UV-resistant
– LBS-free / silicone-free
– resistant to humidity
Design features:
conductor : lexible (cat. 5) according to DIN VDE 0295
sheath : wear-resistant PUR copmpounds
core insulation :halogen-free polyester
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