XL-Line Program 0380 / 0385

L-Line Program 0380 / 0385

Standard application data
– Travel speed max. [m/min]: 300
– Load capacity/trolley max. [kg]: 750
– Main rollers diameter [mm]: 125/160
– Ambient temperature [?C]: -30 … +80
– Applications: indoor / outdoor / sea climate
– I-beam: parallel flange
Motorized cable trolley for round cables with AC or DC technology. Depending on speed and load, it comes with a patented compact drive (Progr. 0380) or with a gear motor (Progr. 0385). The entire system consists of motorized cable trolleys, a frequency converter control for optimizing movement and cable trolleys from programs 0365 and 0375.


Main applications:
– High-speed STS-container cranes of all Panamax classes
– Special overhead bridge cranes
– Scrap and ladle cranes in steel mills
– High-speed conveyor systems
– Transport systems
The requirements of today’s systems, especially in container handling, often exceed the physical limitations of conventional systems when it comes to speed, acceleration and cable package weight.
The application of motorized cable trolleys in combination with non-motorized cable trolleys allows for controlled acceleration and deceleration. This synchronization with the consumer makes it possible to increase the travel speeds of the entire system enormously. In addition, wear and maintenance work are reduced considerably, increasing the availability of the complete facility and minimizing the overall costs.
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